Financial Information & Program Completion Requirements

Financial Information

The estimated financial burden of the dietetic internship is shown below. It is also available at the embedded websites. An approximate estimate of the cost for the academic and experiential part of the internship includes:


Program Completion Requirements

  • Travel: car expenses- individualized
  • Housing: $600/month rent
  • Books: $200
  • Liability Insurance: $100
  • Medical Exams: Dependent on insurance $50
  • Drug testing: through the facility
  • Background checks/fingerprinting: In-state= $25 out of state= $50
  • Uniform/lab coats: $50
  • Tuition/Fees: Click here for information on tuition and fees.

Upon program completion, the Intern must have completed 39 weeks with a minimum of 1,248 hours of supervised practice as well as completed the required academic coursework. The supervised practice, experience, and classes will begin in late August. Interns will be scheduled for an equivalent of 32 hrs practice each week including supervised practice sites and academic classes (4 hours/ week). In addition, interns will complete a minimum of community health and nutrtion education hours along with 40 additional supervised practice hours as components of NUTR. Interns will recieve four personal days and 1 week for Christmas break. Since the internship is a professional program, interns will not be granted compensation time for hours worked beyond 40 hours.

The dietetic intern will participate according to the schedule assigned by the affiliating facility and will participate in his/her learning experiences on any day of the week scheduled by the supervising dietitian. The dietetic intern can be excused for special meetings and workshops that have been approved by the DI program director and the supervising dietitian at the affiliating institution. Approved meetings or workshops will count towards the 40 hours per week of planned experience for the dietetic intern.


Withdrawal and Refund of Tuition and Fees

If a student chooses to withdraw from the program and from Baylor University, the schedule of refund of tuition and fees can be located here. The procedure for withdrawal from the dietetic internship will follow the same guidelines as the withdrawal process from Baylor University which is found here.


Student Services (10.2t)

The dietetic intern will have access to all of the support services at Baylor University including the following ones for health services, counseling and testing services, financial aid services as noted below.

Professional Counseling of dietetic interns will be available in consultation with the DI program director as well as with the preceptors. Counseling for future professional ‘fits’ are available for the interns on their request. The program director has an open door policy along with providing confidentiality in conversations. If additional counseling is required, this will be on a referral basis to the appropriate services available to Baylor students or to appropriate private practice providers. Other professional counseling services will vary based on rotation and availability at site.