Apparel Design & Product Development

Apparel Design & Product Development


The Apparel Design curriculum focus is to help students develop into professionals that will be successful in both the domestic and international market place. Fashion design is the development of apparel and textile products that meet the needs of specific consumer markets. Students develop an understanding of these needs through the study of consumer behavior, demographics and psychographics.

Education, Creativity, Professionalism

The Apparel Design program at Baylor University provides a diversified educational experience, encompassing academic excellence in a Christian environment that prepares students to enter the apparel industry profession in domestic as well as international markets.

Program Preview

  • Creative apparel design education and application
  • Apparel design for specific target markets
  • Network opportunities with professionals in the apparel industry
  • Diversity of classroom experiences
  • Critical problem solving and application in the apparel design process
  • Strong liberal arts background
  • Study abroad programs
  • Design competitions and fashion shows
  • Discipline specific apparel construction and computer labs
  • Student membership in Fashion Group International
  • Apparel design internships

Links to Professional Organizations

  • Fashion Group International
  • American Association of Family & Consumer Sciences
  • Texas Association of Family & Consumer Sciences

Spring Fashion Show