Protection of Minors Policy

Oct. 15, 2018

Baylor University believes that all members of our campus community have a moral as well as a legal duty to safeguard the welfare of non-enrolled minors who participate in youth programs and activities held on or off campus. As the university continues to cultivate a culture of awareness, prioritizing safety at all levels of the institution is imperative.

Youth may interact with Baylor University as campers, research subjects, or visitors. They may be on campus briefly or for an overnight stay. Youth may or may not be accompanied by a parent or guardian. Not all interactions occur on campus, as students and staff may work with minors virtually anywhere.

Baylor encourages impacted departments to be well informed of the revised Protection of Minors Policy which details requirements and expectations applicable to youth programs or activities. The policy demonstrates the university's ongoing commitment to the safety of our youth programs and the entire Baylor community.

To learn more about the Protection of Minors Policy, visit Protection of Minors.