Revised Travel Policy - Meal Per Diem

Aug. 28, 2018

In response to faculty and staff feedback, Baylor University has revised its individual meal reimbursement policy to provide more flexibility for employees traveling within the United States.

Starting September 1, the University will offer two options for individual meal reimbursement and incidentals for U.S. travel: a new per diem option or the current actual expense method. The Online Expense Report system will allow the traveler to elect one of the two options per trip.

Under the per diem method, the daily per diem is $51 (inclusive of taxes and tips):

  • $11 – Breakfast
  • $12 – Lunch
  • $23 – Dinner
  • $5 – Incidentals

If you travel internationally, you will continue to use the actual expense method. Changes in reimbursement methods for international travel will be evaluated during Baylor’s implementation of Ignite, the University’s new enterprise resource planning system.

The per diem option will be available in the Online Expense Reporting system Saturday, September 1. Please reference Baylor’s revised Travel Policy – Meals or Managing Per Diem instructions for information related to the per diem option.

If you have questions or need assistance, please contact