Dr. Beth Allison Barr named new Faculty-in-Residence for the LEAD LLC

June 19, 2018

Campus Living & Learning, in collaboration with the Provost Office, is pleased to announce Dr. Beth Allison Barr as the new Faculty-in-Residence for the LEAD LLC in Allen and Dawson halls, beginning fall 2018!

An Associate Professor and Graduate Program Director in the Department of History, Dr. Barr teaches undergraduate courses in Historiography, World History, European Women’s History, and Medieval History as well as graduate courses combining aspects of Medieval and Early Modern Women’s History, Medieval and Early Modern Religion, and Medieval Europe. She received her Bachelor’s degree from Baylor University in History with a minor in Classics, and Master’s degree and Ph.D. from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in Medieval History.

Dr. Barr’s research focuses on women and religion in medieval and early modern England, drawing evidence especially from medieval sermons. She is interested in how the advent of Protestantism affected women in Christianity, as well as how and why medieval attitudes towards women in sermons both changed and stayed the same across the Reformation era. In May, Dr. Barr was named as a 2018 Baylor Centennial Professor. This prestigious award provides the recipient with funding to aid with more in-depth research. Dr. Barr plans to use the grant to complete the first and epilogue chapters of her book, Women in English Sermons, while teaching her graduate students to use sermons effectively as historical sources.

Joining Dr. Barr will be her husband, Jeb, and their two children: Stephen (13) and Elena (8). Jeb is also a Baylor undergrad (BS in Social Work with a minor in Religion) and brings 20 years of youth ministry experience. He currently serves as pastor at First Baptist Church of Elm Mott, about 10 minutes from Baylor campus. The family looks forward to creating intentional community that fosters student’s sense of belonging and supports leadership and faith development through meaningful and engaging programming. “I am so excited to join the wonderful community of the Leadership Living-Learning Center! The LEAD LLC focus on equipping students to positively impact their world fits so well with both my professional calling as a women’s history professor and my family’s calling to pastoral ministry. I am so thankful for this opportunity to serve students and help them find their calling as future leaders.”

Dr. Jeff Doyle, Dean for Student Learning & Engagement, said, “Dr. Beth Barr is well known for being a strong scholar and engaging teacher who is an approachable, humble mentor to many students. Her experiences leading study abroad trips and serving as a faculty partner to residence halls, along with her service through Mission Waco and her church, all combine to offer the Leadership Living-Learning Center a wise example of an experienced educator.”