Campus Living & Learning announces new Faculty-in-Residence for Kokernot and Earle

April 4, 2018

Senior Lecturer in Child and Family Studies, Dr. McAninch teaches Individual & Family Financial Management, Family Life Education & Ethics, Child & Family Ministry, and Professional Practices. She received her Bachelor and Master’s degrees in Social Work from Baylor University, and a Ph.D. in Family Studies from Texas Woman’s University. Prior to joining the Baylor faculty in 2009, Dr. McAninch served for three years as a Career Advisor in the Career Services department at Baylor.

Dr. McAninch’s research explores family resource management and the intentional cultivation of family life. Dr. McAninch and her colleague, Dr. Karen Melton, have developed and published the Intentional Family Model which portrays the nexus of family goal-setting, resource management, and healthy functioning. They are set to launch the Intentional Family website in May 2018, a resource designed to support families and professionals in the development of intentional family life. Dr. McAninch writes articles and training videos for family and children’s ministry leaders, and has served a local church for over 15 years.

Living in Kokernot with Dr. McAninch will be her husband, Chad, and their three children: Catelin (7), Callie (5), and Caleb (3). The family looks forward to inviting Kokernot students into their family life as they live out their values of authenticity, generosity, courage, and peace. About the Kokernot FIR appointment, Dr. McAninch says, "It is such an honor to join the Kokernot team who serve students with such excellence. My family and I are excited to live out our call to community with the residents and leaders. The first-year transition to college is such an important season of life, and I look forward to walking this journey with students as they cultivate a sense of identity, purpose, and community at Baylor."

Dr. Mark (Devan) Jonklaas has been a faculty member at Baylor University since the fall of 2003. Dr. Jonklaas was born in Sri Lanka and grew up in both Sri Lanka and Dubai, and attended an international boarding school in India for high school. He graduated with a B.A. in Chemistry from Taylor University in Indiana and completed his Ph.D. at Baylor University in 2003 in Organic Chemistry. His research, amongst other things, focused on making metal-chelating nucleotide derivatives to make artificial restriction enzymes along with anti-cancer (Combretastatin A-4) pro-drugs. Directly after his Ph.D., Dr. Jonklaas joined the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry as a Lecturer, teaching Organic Chemistry 2, General Biochemistry, Modern Biochemistry Lab and Advanced Biochemistry Lab. He was promoted to Senior Lecturer in the fall of 2011 and currently teaches General Biochemistry, Topics in Human Biochemistry and Biochemistry/Nutrition. Dr. Jonklaas has been honored for his teaching at Baylor and was awarded the Collins Outstanding Professor of the Year Award in 2015.

Love kept Dr. Jonklaas in Texas and Waco as he met his wife Hannah at Baylor. Hannah, who graduated with a B.S. Degree in Nutrition is a native Texan hailing from Round Rock. They will celebrate their 15th anniversary soon and have been blessed with four children: Mia Grace (7), Robert (5), Amy Rose (3) and Daniel (1.5). Devan and Hannah might also be recognized by fans of HGTV’s Fixer Upper as they were featured in season one of the show “Academic Seeks Acreage,” but are now excited about trading in their life in the country for the new adventure of living on Baylor’s campus!

Dr. Jonklaas and his family attend Antioch Community Church where they currently co-lead a small group. Devan and Hannah believe that being a Christian involves knowing how much we are loved by God, and out of the overflow of this, we share His love with those around us so that we can love as He loved us and serve as He served us. “We so look forward to what God has in store for our family as the FIR and family at Earle Hall!”

Of these new Faculty-in-Residence appointments, Dr. Jeff Doyle, Dean for Student Learning & Engagement, said, “Nicole McAninch and Devan Jonklaas are everything Baylor seeks in its faculty. Nicole began Baylor as a first generation college student and in her expanding professional roles and graduate degrees, soon demonstrated a talent for teaching and equipping students for bright futures around her work on intentional families and financial values. Devan spent his pre-college life in India, developing a cultural awareness that, combined with his Christian and chemistry education, has allowed him to mentor and disciple many students through his teaching of biochemistry. We are blessed to have them as our next Faculty-in-Residence!

Please feel free to share this announcement with others and congratulate our newest Faculty-in-Residence, Dr. Nicole McAninch and Dr. Devan Jonklaas!