Staff Council Debrief - for January 15th meeting

Feb. 7, 2013

Guest Speaker: Matt Penney, Director of Parking & Transportation Services, explained changes within his department. Students were issued "clean decals" during the fall, 2012 semester and faculty/staff will be receiving new decals during the spring, 2013 semester.

Future Dates to Note: Human Resources set the date of September 26, 2013 for the Fall Staff Forum and Monday, December 2, 2013 for the Faculty/Staff Christmas Dinner at the Ferrell Center.

General and Committee Reports Presented:

Endowed Scholarship Fund Committee - The thank you note from Mira Benthul, the recipient of the Baylor University Staff Endowed Scholarship for fall, 2012, has been posted to the Staff Council website with her permission. Scholarship donations from Staff Council shirt sales totaled $297 from 61 donors, or an average of about $5 per order.
Treasurer's Report on Baylor University Staff Endowed Scholarship Fund - Julie Stahl, Treasurer, reported the balance as of 12/31/12 is $27,730. This includes total gifts of $26,121 and outstanding pledges of $1,609. This was an increase of $422 from November. We started off with a scholarship total of $21,787 and ended 2012 with $27,730. Donations and pledges totaled $5,943 during 2012, an average of $495 given per month.
Service Project Committee - The fall project, Mosaic, called and invited the committee members to see the new refrigerator which was purchased with the money donated from the Baylor family. Steve Kieff, committee chair, said the committee is looking forward to beginning work on the spring service project which will be for the Family Abuse Center.
Spirit Shirts - Rick Mattocks reported that he still has some shirts in his office and has e-mailed the owners that they are ready to be picked up. The Friday before the Christmas holidays had a very good response from people who picked up their items.
STEPP Luncheon - Diane Haun, chair, reminded us that the next luncheon will be February 19 with Kaz Kazadi presenting "How to Have a Winning Attitude for Life." The menu will be chili or vegetable soup, cornbread and salad.

Campus Diversity Committee - The committee reviewed and approved three grants: Saakumu: Dance and Drums from Ghana, Gospel Fest 2013 and Civil Rights Tour 2013. Discussion was held regarding WOW orientations held for new Baylor employees. The Diversity Committee will present at all future WOW presentations.
Faculty Senate - Sue Koehler reported The Faculty Senate met on December 11 and the Administration has approved the use of + and - grades with the caveat of the professor's discretion. Student Senate submitted a proposal to increase the number of Correspondence Courses a student can register for at the same time to three courses. Currently only one course can be taken at a time. The Senate will also look at the length of the exam schedule (number of exam days).
The next Staff Council meeting will take place February 12, 2013.