Helping You Help Students

Sept. 24, 2012

Baylor faculty and staff recently received a Report It! folder — an easy-to-use referral resource to help guide students to the assistance they may need. During the course of a busy day most of our faculty and staff may not have at their fingertips all sources of assistance available to our students. The Report It! folder was created and sent to all Faculty and Staff with just this in mind.

A folder was chosen for the resource list because it would be useful to faculty and staff and therefore more likely to be kept. Some staff keep student employee records in the folder. Others use the folder for current projects or department contact lists.

In the folder you will find helpful tools such as:

  • How to help students
  • What to do
  • Crisis situations
  • A "Students of Concern Response Guide"
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • How to report the situation
  • Contact information

More information can be found at the Report It! site.

As faculty and staff members we desire to serve and help our students, and the Report It! folder and site are designed to help you help students.