Policies and Procedures

Policies Related to Employment with Baylor

  • Baylor University Personnel Policies (the policies in the 700 series apply exclusively to faculty, but there are many general policies listed that apply to faculty and staff)

  • BU-PP 701 - Academic Freedom
  • BU-PP 704 - Tenure Policy
  • Tenure Procedures
  • BU-PP 716 - Policy on Lecturers and Senior Lecturers
  • Lecturer Procedures
  • Policy on Personal Conduct
  • Sex Discrimination, Sexual Violence, and Sexual Harassment Policy (also known as the Title IX Policy)
  • University Grievance Policy

  • Policies Related to Teaching

    Registration and Record-KeepingOffice Hours, Exams, and Grading Policies

    Honor Code and Academic Appeals

    Handling Disruptive Students

    Policies Related to Research

  • BU-PP 700 - Conflict of Interest
  • BU-PP 039 - Usage of Copyright Materials
  • BU-PP 721 - Intellectual Property Policy
  • Policy on Baylor University-Sponsored Academic Journals
  • Policy on Misconduct in Research
  • Policies related to various research committees (e.g., the IRB), sponsored programs, technology transfer and more may be found on the Vice Provost for Research website.