We grant and fundraise to seed organizations for strategic initiatives that align with furthering the efforts of economic development, education, health, cultural wealth, and city growth. 

At Baylor University, we choose to grant funds to organizations that benefit Baylor and Waco through a unique and historical partnership called the Baylor/Waco Foundation. For more than 70 years, the Baylor and Waco community have collaborated on raising funds and granting money to projects that build a better Waco. This partnership highlights the reality that We are United for Waco!

Each fall semester, through the Philanthropy and Public Good Course, students consider more than 60 nonprofits from the community and through an intentional due diligence process select a short list for site visits and formal presentations. At the end of the semester, students recommend for funding and partner with the Solid Gold Neighbor Ambassador Council to grant thousands of dollars to area organizations.

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