Ambassador Council

The Solid Gold Neighbor Ambassador Council is comprised of leaders from our community representing all five areas of focus who are passionate about carrying out social and economic progress.

The Council members play an important role in fundraising for grant-making opportunities, guiding funding into community organizations and projects in our five areas of engagement, identifying and promoting success stories of people and programs living as Solid Gold Neighbors, and intentionally highlighting moments of change. This council takes action in the Solid Gold Neighbor initiative by providing leadership and guidance in honoring and celebrating our community.

We are committed to building capacity throughout our city by intentionally investing in individuals, organizations and systems to compel them to grow through providing resources, support and training.

We grant and fundraise to seed organizations for strategic initiatives that align with furthering the efforts of economic development, education, health, cultural wealth and city growth.

We recognize individuals and organizations who create or provide impact promoting system-wide change that moves our community toward being a national leader in economic and social progress. 

We thoughtfully invest our time to provide strategic direction and governance to advance organizations through thought leadership, guidance and intellectual capacity.

Harris House
1315 S. 7th St.
Waco, TX 76706
One Bear Place #97101
Waco, TX 76798