Cultural Wealth

Cultural Wealth

Contributions of ethnic culture are cornerstones of communities.  Promoting opportunities to experience and support the contributions of ethnic culture is important for communities to thrive together.  The expressions of cultural wealth endorse voices of the past and present that supports the need to continue to move forward with a rich honest history of how far we have come and to celebrate the road ahead.

We promote opportunities for Baylor faculty, staff and students to become familiar with our community’s cultural wealth both on and off campus.  These opportunities will include celebrations, service, research, and other engagements necessary to strengthen cultural wealth that builds and sustains trust. 

  • Facilitate and/or support conversations around diversity and race equity
  • Provide opportunities for cultural awareness and celebrate cultural history at Baylor and for Waco
  • Assist community partners in the facilitation of equity issues by providing leadership, expertise and a voice on issues of race and diversity in all areas of the SGN initiative impacting economic development, education, health, cultural wealth and city growth.

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