Thriving neighborhoods must promote good health habits.  Community wellbeing prevention, intervention, and protection is at the center of the Solid Gold neighbor health initiatives.  We will work with local neighborhoods, organizations, and health care professionals to support wellbeing in mental and physical health.

We promote opportunities for Baylor faculty, staff and students to make a positive impact on the health of our community both on and off campus.  These opportunities will include service projects, workshops & forums, research, and other engagements to encourage positive health outcomes in our greater community. 

  • Host and facilitate various strategic conversations in effort to learn and understand the local health related needs in Waco and at Baylor
  • Support and promote access to healthy food options in our community through partnerships on and off campus with organizations/ agencies that are deeply working to abolish food insecurity
  • Improve awareness to increase access to local health initiatives

Office of External Affairs

Robinson Tower
700 S University Parks Dr, Suite 320
Waco, TX 76706

One Bear Place #97060
Waco, TX 76798