Institutional Events

Institutional Events comprises a creative, strategic and dedicated team, the events department advances the mission of Baylor University to our constituents through collaborative planning, achieving excellence, and managing resources. The events team encompasses two distinct areas of support: event management and logistics.

For nearly three hundred managed events per year, our event management team works with the event host to envision, design, and execute a high-level event.

The logistics team executes audio/visual, set-up and take-down, and other logistical needs for managed events and nearly two-thousand facilitated events across the campus throughout the year. This team comes together to provide a unique service center for on-campus leadership and off-campus partners to host special experiences at Baylor University.

Institutional Events plays an important role both in hosting external constituents on campus through conferences, programs, and series as well as supporting external Baylor events that engage our community of alumni.

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