Solid Gold Neighbor

Solid Gold Neighbor is Baylor University’s intentional and purposeful community engagement initiative. Encompassing the City of Waco, but focused on our nearest neighbors, we strive to serve the community in partnership with leaders and organizations that strongly believe in the potential of our city. We seek to serve the neighborhood we live and work in by rallying cross-campus and city-wide resources that allow all to prosper and flourish.

The Solid Gold Neighbor initiative serves as a point of connection, coordination, engagement and innovation, helping to marshal the resources of the University in support of goals and opportunities that are important to our community.

Baylor University serves the community through the Solid Gold Neighbor initiative by:

  •   Playing a leadership role in economic development by spurring innovation, supporting business growth and relocation, and empowering financial security through education

  •  Strengthening local educational institutions to increase early childhood education, literacy rates and college to career pipelines

  • Providing support for community health and food insecurity efforts

  • Cultivating awareness and thoughtful leadership around cultural wealth to celebrate and create access and equity

  • Developing a growing city and community with rich arts, robust entertainment, and an energetic city center that attracts and retains talent further strengthening the bond between Waco and Baylor.

On occasion, we raise funds on behalf of a project or cause affiliated with the Solid Gold Neighbor initiative. Donations to the Solid Gold Neighbor Initiative and related projects may be submitted here

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Harris House
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