Community Leadership

Baylor University is an anchor institution in Waco, McLennan County, and the Central Texas region. Anchor institutions provide long-term, stable employment and economic opportunities for the regions they serve. In this capacity, Baylor University must strategically support areas that both meet the needs of the community and align with its mission.

External Affairs engages, serves, communicates with, and is an ambassador for Baylor University through its External Relations functions. By providing financial and leadership support for civic, non-profit, and social organizations, External Affairs provides Town/Gown opportunities for Baylor’s leadership and the community. As a regular and consistent participant in community activities, council, and committees, External Affairs provides ambassadorship on behalf of Baylor University. 

The function of Community Leadership, under External Affairs, is to ensure strong representation, thought leadership, and community engagement that extends to business, non-profit, and civic leaders throughout the Greater Waco Community. 

  • Town/Gown – historically, anchor institutions play an important role in direct social and economic support as well as through providing sponsorship and leadership presence at high-level community events, awards, and galas 
  • Ambassadorship – Baylor representation in the community at small chambers, civic organizations (like the Lions Club and Rotary), and networking events ensures consistent brand awareness and advancement as well as a liaison to and from the community 
  • University Host – by being a non-partisan and unbiased connecting point to and from the community, External Affairs staff may ensure that key constituents feel welcome and may use Baylor as a place of connecting and resource as appropriate
  • Position External Affairs as a hub of community engagement for internal and external partners
  • Provide a voice and senior leadership in the community on key issues on behalf of Baylor University and its leadership
  • Engage and open the campus up to creative community facing partnerships and programs that advance leadership and capacity
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