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About the Baylor-Compassion Partnership

Based on the shared faith commitment and similar core values of the two organizations, the leadership teams at Baylor University and Compassion International have been in conversation for several months to explore how their particular capabilities and expertise could be leveraged for reciprocal growth. Illuminate, Baylor's strategic plan to expand the institution's impact as a Christian research university, directly aligns with Compassion International's missional commitment to better understand the root causes that prevent children living in poverty from flourishing in the 25 countries where the organization operates and to engage the next generation of young people in releasing children from poverty in Jesus' name. This unique partnership focuses on three distinct priorities:

  • Applied research for human flourishing: Conduct applied research in various academic, interventive, and service activities to promote human flourishing in vulnerable children around the world beginning with a focus in Latin America

  • Baylor family transformational experiences: Inspire, engage and impact the lives of the Baylor family (students, faculty, staff, alumni, and friends) through transformational experiences with Compassion that develop measurable character and spiritual formation outcomes

  • Innovating the future of human flourishing: Design and test new opportunities that promote human flourishing

CCSI Partners

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