Why Judge

Judges have a unique opportunity to support the next generation of world changers as they seek to accomplish God’s work of impacting His people for good by proposing solutions to complex local challenges.

Judges will be asked to participate in one or more judging rounds based on their time, interest, and review needs. In each round, judges will be asked to review approximately ten applicants using our third-party software, Younoodle, by reading supplied materials and rating responses to each supplied answer. It is estimated that a judge will spend anywhere between three and five hours in each round reviewing, rating, and providing feedback to applicants.

We are seeking judges from a myriad of backgrounds, experiences, skills, and industries. It is of the utmost importance that our judges have a firm understanding of the importance of Christ-centered innovations to this challenge and have the unique ability to grasp an applicant’s answers quickly, synthesize all of the information supplied, and provide an objective rating of the applicant’s ability to solve and understanding of the problem being addressed.

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