Steering Committee

The goals of CCSI and the unique partnerships require a strong governing body in order to reach the envisioned goals. The Steering Committee is that top-level governing body consisting of individuals who bring unique skills, diverse perspectives, recognized leadership and the tenacity to overcome hurdles and drive this initiative appropriately. They will be called upon to use their networks to attract partners in the areas of thought leadership, operational scale, and funding and then to help bend those influences towards resolving complex and urgent problems.

2021 Steering Committee Members
  • Dr. Andrew Hogue, Associate Dean, Baylor University College of Arts and Sciences
  • Dr. Jennifer Dickey, Director of Global Mission Leadership Initiative at Baylor University
  • Sidney Muisyo, Senior Vice President, Global Programs at Compassion International
  • Dr. Jeremy Vickers, Associate Vice President, External Affairs at Baylor University
  • Mike Cookson, Director, Strategic Partnerships at Compassion International
  • Justin Dowds, CEO, Compassion UK
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