Innovation Council

The CCSI Innovation Council is a community of expertise in the various aspects of social innovation (entrepreneurship, poverty alleviation, spiritual formation, impact investing) that advise on the critical ideas needed to make CCSI effective. Especially during this first year, they will provide the inspiration, depth of knowledge, and credibility necessary for CCSI to achieve its goals and provide an excellent experience for innovators, mentors, and investors.

The Council is composed of individuals, primarily from outside of Baylor and Compassion, who hold deep knowledge into social innovation and its integration with our Christian faith. They act as advisors on specific CCSI deliverables and influence the ethos, strategy and content of the project.

2021 Innovation Council Members
Harris House
1315 S. 7th St.
Waco, TX 76706

One Bear Place #97101
Waco, TX 76798