Things all Principle Investigators Need to Know

What do PI's Need to Do?

The PI has the best understanding of the research and should know whether particular technology, data, or information involved is subject to export control regulations. The PI is responsible for the following:

  • Learning about export controls by attending the Faculty Awareness Workshops that are offered through the Office of Research and Engagement.
  • Developing a fundamental understanding of export controls to be able to know when to raise questions and alert the University to a possible compliance issue.
  • Determining whether any export control issues may be presented PRIOR to beginning any research.
  • Contacting Baylor Export Compliance Office at (254) 701-6613 or for help with determining whether any export control restrictions may apply to the research.
  • Notifying the Baylor Export Compliance Office prior to implementing any changes that may give rise to the application of export controls, such as a change in the scope of work or the addition of new staff to the project after work on the project has begun.
  • Cooperating fully with Sponsored Programs personnel at the pre-award stage to determine the application of export control regulations to the research.
  • Strictly adhering to any applicable restrictions and cooperating fully with the University's efforts to monitor compliance.
  • Carefully reviewing all the information on export controls provided on this web site.

Helpful Questions to Consider

  • What is the nationality of researchers INCLUDING professors and research assistants (post-docs, graduate students, and undergraduate students)?
  • Will the results be made openly available to the general public?
  • Will there be restrictions on publications, access, dissemination or proprietary information?
  • Will I be receiving any restricted (export controlled or proprietary) information?
  • Is the research going overseas to a foreign company, government or individual?
  • What do the end-users intend to do with the research results?