Though your event may not necessitate our department's assistance, we are committed to guaranteeing your event's success. Your event may require print or email invitations. Below are invitation templates and instructions on how to modify and format them for the web.

When creating invitations, you must include the institutional mark and comply with the University's graphic standards.

For Retirement Receptions: According to university best practices, retirement reception invitations should not be emailed campus-wide unless the retiree is a dean or vice president. In order to create a meaningful and personal retirement or separation of service event for your faculty or staff member, we recommend using your department's Outlook distribution list. This can then be supplemented by guest contact information provided by your honoree.


How you can customize your template:

  • Change the fonts

    Design tips: Don’t use more than two fonts, but make sure the two fonts are different styles. Use a script and a san-serif, or a serif and a san-serif. Never use two fonts that look similar. To make it easier choose just one font and utilize the italic or bold styles in the font family to enhance important elements of the invitation. Make sure your font choice is readable and try to pick fonts that match the feel of your event. Choose professional or elegant fonts for receptions, bold or nontraditional fonts for something more casual.

  • Change the font sizes

    Design tips: Make the most important part of your invitation stand out (usually the name of the event, date and time) by increasing the font size. This is called visual hierarchy and can also be achieved by changing the colors or the style of the font (bold, italics, all caps, etc.).

  • Change the colors

    Design tips: Make sure the background and text colors have enough contrast to easily read the words. Additionally, make sure to choose colors that complement the feel of your event.

    How to change picture’s color: To change the background color, click the background imagem, click format picture, click recolor and choose the background color you like.

How to convert your invitation into an email-ready JPEG:

  1. Save template as a PDF.
  2. Open PDF in Photoshop (window will pop up, click ok).
  3. Click Image Size > unselect resample check box and type 72 in resolution box, then click ok.
  4. Press File > Save for Web and click ok. Close.




For further assistance call our office.