Baylor Ethics Initiative

The Baylor Ethics Initiative is a community of scholars and practitioners dedicated to critical and creative research about how Christian beliefs and practices relate—presently and potentially—to the broader cultural, social, economic, and political systems that we inhabit as local, national, and global citizens.

Illuminate is Baylor University’s Academic Strategic Plan. Launched in 2018, its ambitious goal is to position Baylor solidly as a university “where research discoveries illuminate solutions to significant challenges confronting our world and where creative endeavors reflect the breadth of God’s creation.”

The Baylor Ethics Initiative grows out of this academic strategic plan in a way that ties ethics and flourishing directly to at least three other Signature Academic Initiatives: HealthData Sciences, and Baylor in Latin America. At the same time, it draws upon and reinforces the Foundational Pillars upon which Illuminate is built: it is rooted in research and scholarship about the significant challenges confronting our world while remaining deeply committed to transformational education in a Christian environment that critically and creatively engages the entire spectrum of human activity.

Additional information about Illuminate can be found here: And, click the "Learn More" button below to learn about the Give Light Campaign that undergirds Illuminate.