ENV Graduate Program Core Curriculum

General Doctor of Philosophy Degree Requirements

The minimum semester-hour requirement for the Ph.D. degree is seventy-eight semester hours.

Note:  It is not necessary that students with the B.S. degree obtain an M.S. degree in environmental science before pursuing the doctorate.

78 Semester Hours

Coursework for Doctor of Philosophy - 24 total

To include Core Curriculum                                                                                 

     Statistical Methods (STA 5300) - 3 hrs

     Fundamentals of Toxicology (ENV 4344/5344) - 3 hrs

     Advanced Environmental Chemistry (ENV 5387) - 3hrs

     Risk Assessment (ENV 5342 or 5325) - 3 hrs

Three seminar courses (5102 or 5103) - 3 hrs

Research hours (6V98) - 6 hrs

Dissertation (6V99) - 12 hrs

Research, laboratory techniques, or classroom offerings - 33hrs

After completing the candidacy exam, students may register for dissertation (6V99) at their advisor's discretion.

General Master’s Degree Requirements

A minimum of thirty semester hours will be required. A minimum of one-half of the semester hours required for the master’s program, exclusive of thesis credits, must be in courses numbered at the 5000 level. Students may not use a course to meet more than one degree requirement.