Minor in Environmental Science

Requirements for a Minor in Environmental Studies

Nineteen semester hours including the following:

  1. ENV 1101 and 1301.
  2. At least three semester hours from: ENV 2376, 3300, 3320, 4307, 4310, 4350, or 4393.
  3. At least three semester hours from: ENV 2307, 3306, 3314, 3387, 4370.
  4. Nine semester hours of additional environmental science electives (to total a minimum of nineteen semester hours required for the minor).
  5. Note: At least nine semester hours of the entire environmental studies minor must be at the “3000” - “4000” level courses.

Human life quality is threatened by a rapidly deteriorating environment. Causes and effects of this problem have economic, political, cultural, and physical attributes. Solutions will be derived from comprehensive examination of human value systems in the context of specific management decisions. Consequently, the Department of Environmental Science contributes to the comprehension and solution of environmental problems by focusing the skills of many disciplines through a new ecosystem perspective. This is an interdisciplinary evaluation of regional, national, and international environmental problems of human existence and their solutions. The Department of Environmental Science encourages interdisciplinary research projects.