Doug Nesmith


M.S., Soil Chemistry, Texas A&M University

B.S., Soil and Crop Sciences, Texas A&M University

Professional Experience

Doug Nesmith has conducted soil fertility/chemistry research in the Southern High Plains of Texas mainly focusing on soil test correlation.  He also studied GPS guided fertilizer placement, precision agriculture and remote sensing.  He conducted research with USAID to improve the nutrient use efficiency of grain sorghum varieties in Mali, West Africa.  He also served as Field Research Manager of the Texas AgriLife Research Center in Halfway, Texas where they focused on sustainable irrigation application, including subsurface drip as it relates to all crop production practices including fertility, pathology, weed control and crop breeding.

Teaching and Mentoring

Mr. Nesmith supervises our graduate teaching assistants and teaches Exploring Environmental Issues, (ENV 1301) and Community Gardens; Growing a Community (PPS1100) through the Honors College.  He serves as the Baylor Community Garden Advisor with the Campus Kitchen Organization.

Selected Publications

Helm Farm Annual Progress Reports 2001-2010; Texas Agricultural Experiment Station Annual Progress Reports 1983-1993.

Machado, S., E. Bynum, T. Archer, R. Lascano, L. Wilson, J. Bordovsky, E. Segarra, K. Bronson, D. Nesmith and W. Xu "Spatial and Temporal Variability of Corn Grain Yield: Site-Specific Relationships of Biotic and Abiotic Factors." Precision Agriculture Journal. 2(2000): 359-376.

Yu, M., E. Segarra and D.M. Nesmith, and H.B. Cobb. 1994. Irrigated Phosphorus Soil Fertility Trial at AG-Cares. P, 29-31. Annual Report, Agricultural Complex for Advanced Research and Extension Systems. Texas Agricultural Experiment Station, Lubbock, TX.