Larry Lehr, Ph.D.

Larry Lehr, Ph.D.
Senior Lecturer
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  • BBA from Texas Tech University
  • MS from Baylor
  • PhD at Texas A&M University

Dr. Larry Lehr has been teaching in the Dept. of Environmental Science since 1990.

Dr. Lehr has been active in farm and ranch activities for over 30 years, and has management experience in the solar and renewable fuels industries, environmental consulting, and natural resource management. He currently sits on two state watershed boards.

Dr. Lehr has conducted a number of field schools for Baylor to Belize, Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic, and Alaska, that incorporates classroom education, field experience and natural resource management activities in the context of the identified needs of local stakeholders. He recently returned from Iraq where he participated in a workshop related to volunteer water quality monitoring at Dohuk University.

Besides, teaching for the Department of Environmental Science, Dr. Lehr is also involved with Baylor University's newly established Engaged Learning Groups (ELG) course titled, "Energy and Society: The Costs and Benefits of an Energy Dependent Society".

He is married, attends St. Paul's Episcopal Church, and serves on the Baylor Faculty Senate.