Sarah Guberman VerPloeg

Sarah GubermanSarah received her BS in Environmental Science in Spring 0f 2015 and is now in the Baylor Graduate Program. As an undergraduate she excelled as a student in the ENV department- she was on the Dean’s List every semester at Baylor and was awarded a fellowship through the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Greater Research Opportunities (GRO) Fellowship Program. Her research included nanomaterials and their behavior in the environment, and how it is applied to help restore environments polluted by nanomaterials.

Sarah chose to study Environmental Science because she says she has “always been interested in recycling and going green, but I chose to study Environmental Science because I want to help conserve and restore the beautiful world that God gave us." Sarah appreciates the opportunities she has as a part of Baylor’s Environmental Science Department that allow her to get actively involved with hands-on experience both in the lab and through field work. Sarah also believes, “There's a great diversity of professors with various backgrounds and interests, allowing students to learn more about the various fields of environmental science."

Sarah was awarded a fellowship through the National Science Foundation (NSF) as a PhD student. Her future goals include working for either the EPA or the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service in hopes to be a part of the current ecological restoration projects. She also wants to work in developing countries to restore their natural ecosystems through education projects that provide jobs for locals, educate the community on the importance of these ecosystems, as well as get the community involved in actively conserving and restoring their local environment.