Abbey Jones

Abbey JonesYear and Program

Class of 2017, Environmental Studies major

Research Interests

I will work with the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality this summer. I look forward to gaining hands-on experience in research and testing, as well as an understanding of how environmental policy is developed and implemented.

Why you chose Environmental Science

I am committed to sustainability and social justice and helping to foster good stewardship of our limited natural resources. Like many new freshman students, I was not sure what course of study would be best for me. At orientation, I met several of the Environmental Science professors, and they inspired me to pursue a major in the department. I have enjoyed all my environmental science classes, and am thankful for the opportunity to pursue those studies.

Favorite aspect of studying with Baylor Environmental Science Department

My favorite aspect of the environmental department is the talented faculty and staff. I have been very impressed with the professors in Baylor’s Environmental Science department and their dedication to students. They are committed to helping their students achieve their goals, and really take the time to help us identify internships, jobs, and extracurricular activities that will help us succeed professionally.

Awards or Recognitions

I am proud to have been chosen by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality to represent Baylor in the Mickey Leland Environmental Internship Program. I am thankful to have been awarded The Glasscock Energy Scholarship and Frederick R Gehlbach Scholarship by the Environmental Department.

Career Goals

I want to have a career in addressing environmental issues, with an emphasis on environmental policy and law.