Tate Barrett

Tate BarrettYear and Program

I am a 4th year Ph.D. Candidate in the Institute of Ecological, Earth, and Environmental Sciences


My research focuses on the determination of sources and source regions light absorbing particulate matter in the Arctic using multiple source apportionment techniques. I use radiocarbon abundance measurements in particulate matter as a tool to determine the contributions of fossil fuel combustion and biomass burning to organic and black carbon aerosols. My research also focuses on the optical properties of these aerosols and their effects on climate. Data from my research can be used to improve global and regional climate models in the Arctic to better understand the climatic impacts of aerosols in the Arctic.

Awards or Recognitions

Outstanding Graduate Student Teacher Award, Fall 2011; 1st place Student Poster Award, South Central Regional SETAC Meeting, May 2012

Favorite aspect of studying with Baylor Environmental Science Department

My favorite aspect of studying in the Baylor ENV department is the opportunity to conduct highly significant research in remote regions of the world as well as the opportunity to collaborate both with different research groups in the department as well as groups at other universities. Studying with the ENV department has allowed me to travel to Barrow, AK, Stockholm, Sweden, and La Plata, Argentina to conduct research and collaborate with other Arctic researchers. The ENV department has shown great support for all my research which is greatly appreciated.

Career Goals

Continue my research on Arctic aerosols and their effect on climate as well as educate students on the importance of environmental science and it’s applications to real world problems.