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Navigating the Food Water Energy Nexus in the Face of Change


On behalf of the faculty, staff and administration of Baylor University, I would like to invite you to attend the Big 12 Water Conference to be held Sept. 25-28, 2016, on the Baylor campus. This conference is part of an effort among Big 12 universities to enhance research collaboration among faculty from our member institutions, and to increase the benefits to society and the Earth from our scholarly activities.

Since its founding by the Republic of Texas in 1845, Baylor University has sought to equip men and women to benefit society by solving mutual problems and making discoveries that enrich our daily lives. Baylor takes seriously the Biblical injunction to become good stewards of the Earth, and our interest in securing clean, abundant water supplies for future generations is in line with our institutional mission. We ask for your help in developing solutions to these essential challenges and communicating these solutions to the world.

We hope that this conference will allow you and your colleagues from the Big 12 to discuss issues of importance in a productive setting, and we will do our best to make your stay in Waco a great experience.  I look forward to meeting each of you at the conference’s opening session the evening of Sept. 25.

Dr. David E. Garland
Interim President of Baylor University



The Steering Committee for the Big 12 Water Conference has worked to develop a meeting theme of Navigating the Food Water Energy Nexus in the Face of Change that includes a three day program to provide excellent technical information and to facilitate planning of integrated research project and scholarly writings among conference participants. Of equal importance, we have designed the conference to engage you, as a leading scientist within the Big 12, in the planning and drafting of research and publication outlines during the course of the Conference. Our committee is pleased that you plan to join us and we look forward to a productive interaction in Waco this September. If you have questions, feel free to contact us or contact your University's Committee representative.


George Cobb, Chair
Big 12 Water Conference Steering Committee

Baylor University Texas Tech University
Bryan Brooks, George Cobb, Robert Doyle Tom Arsuffi, Danny Reible
Iowa State University University of Kansas
Kristie Frantz Ted Peltier
Kansas State University University of Oklahoma
Dan Devlin Robert Knox, Bob Nairn
Oklahoma State University University of Texas, Austin
Garey Fox Lynn Katz
Texas Christian University West Virginia University
Mike Slattery Jason Hubbart, Paul Ziemkiewicz