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Craig Calvert

Through the Public Health Service's highly competitive JRCOSTEP internship program, Craig Calvert received the opportunity to travel to the desert landscape of Fort Defiance, Arizona to work with the Navajo Area Indian Health Service. The unique JRCOSTEP program is open to students majoring in nationally accredited environmental health programs like Baylor's B.S. in Environmental Health Science.

While traveling through the beautiful scenery of the NAvajo Nation, Calvert performed duties that included taking water, sewer, food, group home, and day care surveys and also aiding in injury prevention and community education. Unique to the desert southwest location, Calvert also worked with topics such as the plague and the Hantavirus. Though his interaction with the Navajos, he has learned how profound the impact of the Environmental Health field can be.

At the conclusion of his internship, Calvert reflects on his experience, acknowledging that "the wealth of knowledge and professional experience [he] gained [...] was greater than [he] could have hoped for." He recommends interested B.S. majors in Environmental Health Science to discuss the JRCOSTEP internship program with Dr. Brooks.

Craig's JRCOSTEP represents the second year in a row that a Baylor student has been selected for this unique opportunity.