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Baylor Wastewater Reuse Research Program (BWRRP)

BWRRP is a unique experimental facility providing a platform for basic and applied water quality and reuse research. Located within the Waco Metropolitan Area Regional Sewerage System (WMARSS) and adjacent to the NSF International Onsite Test Facility, BWRRP is a test bed for traditional and innovative resource recovery technologies. Source waters for BWRRP include tap water, final treated effluent or municipal influent, which can be returned following experimental studies for final treatment and discharge under the WMARSS NPDES permit.

Core Research Areas Include:

1. Resource Recovery

2. Centralized and Onsite WWTPs

3. Innovative Treatment Technologies

4. Water Quality Assessment and Management

5. Dispersal methods




BWRRP at WMARSS, Waco, Texas, USA



Subsurface wetland system



Aerobic treatment test units



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