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Environment & the Political Process Final Projects

In the new course, Environment and the Political Processes/Environmental Policy (ENV/PSC 3300), students presented their final projects at the end of the semester. Each of the students chose their own topics and deliverable concept related to environmental policy. Some students presented using Prezi or Powerpoint, but students were encouraged to think outside the box and present to a designated audience. One student drafted proposed legislation for the Texas legislature related to the reduction of Methane Emissions in the Barnett Shale while other students designed curriculum components for high school environmental science courses, complete with testing of student comprehension. Other students produced brochures and even artwork, each attempting to inform and impact policy change. A sampling of videos and websites designed by students is linked here.

This class is taught by Julie King 254-710-4384

Susan Stradley: No Net Loss Project

No Net Loss Website


Joi Siler: Buzzfeed Quiz

What Company’s Environmental Policy Are You?

Annie Pirrello: Microbead Policy Video

Microbead Policy

Conor Burns: Wild Free Roaming Horses and Burros Act

Youtube Presentation

Connor Yowell: Mercury in Fish

Youtube Presentation