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Bekah Burket, President

Doctoral Candidate, Environmental Science


Ben Castellon, Vice-President

Doctoral Candidate, Biomedical Studies


Gavin Saari, Treasurer

Doctoral Candidate, Environmental Science


Jenn Gueldner, Public Relations

Doctoral Candidate, Biomedical Studies


Moncie Wright, Secretary

Doctoral Candidate, Biology


BU-SETAC is a student organization that inspires student research in Environmental Science, while also aiming to encourage philanthropy and educational events to improve science education and environmental stewardship within Baylor University.


  The main goal of the student BU-SETAC chapter is to promote student involvement scientific research in the areas of environmental toxicology and chemistry. BU-SETAC is associated with the North America SETAC society and aims to provide a path of communication between undergraduate, graduate students and academics or professionals in industry. Along with the support and facilitation of opportunities for student research, the BU-SETAC chapter aims to organize volunteer and philanthropy events to aid environmental awareness and benefit other organizations involved with environmental work.

Any student is eligible to become a member of the BU-SETAC student group. There are a minimum of two meetings every semester that are mandatory for the organization. In addition to those, sub-groups interested in specific events meet independently of the larger groups to work on organization.

Awards and Achievements:

  • South Central Regional Meeting Awards 2015

    2nd Place Platform Presentation- Elias Oziolor, PhD Candidate Biomedical Sceinces

    1st Place Poster Presentation- Aparna Sarode, Gretta Smith, and Raveena Patel

    2nd Place Poster Presentation- Colleen Peters, PhD Candidate Environmental Science

    SETAC poster 2 SETAC poster pic

  • “Outstanding New Student Organization” Award, Baylor University – 2012-2013

    BU-SETAC Organization Award

  • Helped in hosting a regional professional conference at Baylor University with approximately 100 scientists and engineers from various states.

  • In August 2012, BU-SETAC prepared and submitted a proposal to SETAC to perform community service in the area by planting vegetation along the shores of Lake Waco. The proposal was one of only two that were ultimately funded. The project was designed to stabilize the shoreline, mitigate nutrients in the lake, sequester carbon, and educate local students.

    BU Aguilar lake waco
    BU Conors placing plants
    BU planting lake waco 1
    BU planting lake waco 2
    BU planting lake waco 3
    BU SplittingCO Grant
    Oziolor fish

  • A number of students involved in BU-SETAC have earned national and international awards for their research and community service activities.

    BU-SETAC Student Awards

    Oziolor Poster
    Robinson-Kristofco Awards

  • The BU-SETAC group also took on a Girl Scout STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) outreach event, developing an activity to teach regional girl scouts about the science done here in the ENV department at Baylor. Entitled “Forever Green”, the activity aimed to educate the girls on the forms of environmental pollution, where it migrates, and how they could be better stewards of the environment.

    BU officer science fair