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Graduate Student Orientation

Safety Flyer

New Grad Student Orientation

All Environmental students entering in the fall semester start by attending Orientation, which is held the Thursday prior to the first day of class. Students enrolled in courses for the summer are also required to attend Orientation in August. Students will get to know their classmates and some of the faculty they will work cloesly with in a relaxed atmosphere!

During Orientation, students will hear from our current Graduate Program director, Dr. Sascha Usenko regarding deparmtental information, whom to contact for various items as well as appropriate student conduct. There will also be a presentation by Dr. Christina Chan-Park, the Science & Engineering Reference librarian with University Libraries. She will discuss highlights of the library as well as how to use various sofware and tools available to grad students for research purposes.

Finally Doug Nesmith, the ENV laboratory Coordinator, will duties and responsibilites expected of Graduate Teaching Assistants as well as general lab safety.

A broader orientation on Laboratory rules and safety measures will be presented by Dr. Karalyn Humphrey, Chemical Hygiene Officer with the Department of Environmental Health and Safety. Training will be held the same afternoon immediatly following the ENV orientation for new graduate students.

Both the ENV New Graduate Student Orientation and the Laboratory Safety Orientations are MANDATORY. Therefore, your attendance is required. Refreshments will be provided in the Environmental Science Conference room immediatly after the Safety Orientation.