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The Catherine Ross Bolton Memorial Endowed Scholarship Fund

The Catherine Ross Bolton Memorial Endowed Scholarship Fund was established in 2005 by Catherine Bolton Brown of Waco, Texas, in memory of her mother, Catherine Ross Bolton.

Catherine Ross Bolton was the great-granddaughter of Catherine and Shapley Prince Ross, who built the first log cabin in the Waco Village. Like their ancestors who plowed the blackland prairie, Catherine Ross Bolton was a born gardener. Before John Howard Garrett - before Neil Sperry - Catherine Bolton experimented with plantings which would survive the August heat on Central Texas limestone. In addition, she collected Peterson Field Guides to identify the birds and animals in her woods and gardens. Mistress of the social ecology as well as the natural, Ms. Bolton effortlessly created community. Her sincere concern for others and old-fashioned graciousness made her home a center where local culture flourished and developed.

The scholarship will provide assistance to students who are participating in the Environmental Science Program at Baylor University in order to encourage young scholars to consider making a lifework of the study of ecology. Ms Brown hopes to promote interest in the scientific research of field work necessary to protect the diverse natural resources, flora and fauna, that sustain and inspire us all. Professors like O. T. Hayward, Peter Allen, Fred Gehlbach, and many others at Baylor have made outstanding contributions to the wider community, just as certainly as they have to generations of students who were fortunate enough to study with them. Ms. Brown also hopes that the degree of commitment of these professors proves to be the ultimate invasive planting and wishes to thank Baylor University for providing them with fertile ground.