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Ph.D. in Environmental Science

Graduate Program Director:

Dr. Erica Bruce

E-mail: Dr. Bruce

Phone: 254.710.4877

ENV Office: Baylor Sciences Bldg., B.407

Phone: 254.710.3405
Mailing Address:

Baylor University Environmental Science Department One Bear Place, #97266 Waco, TX 76798-7266

Graduate Faculty Listings

The Environmental Science Ph.D. program was approved by the Baylor Board of Regents in late 2014 and is accepting applications. For more information, please contact the Environmental Science Graduate Program Director, Dr. Sascha Usenko (at right).

Congratulations to our Inaugural Class

phd class
Back:Casan Scott, Gavin Saari, Sam Haddad, Bekah Burket, Claire Moffett, Colleen Peters
Front:Lauren Kristofco, Subin Yoon, Grace Aquino, Jing Liu

Program Description

Students within the Environmental Science Ph.D. program engage a wide variety of research topics that are often interdisciplinary in nature. Addressing complex global environmental problems through an interdisciplinary approach. Current strengths include air and water quality, climate change, environmental toxicology and chemistry, risk assessment, applied ecology, and ecosystem management. Student research projects often integrate multiple disciplines, such as laboratory, mesocsom, or field studies, to identify factors effecting environmental and human health.

Program Highlights

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Urban Water Research in Park City, Utah - Dr. Bryan Brooks

Whale Earwax Research - Dr. Sascha Usenko