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Career Opportunities

Environmental employment opportunities are at an all-time high. As the field of Environmental Science is interdisciplinary, the career opportunities in this field are wide-ranging and can be found in every professional field. There are careers for scientists, engineers, business people, social scientists, accountants, journalists, educators, attorneys, planners, computer specialists, health professionals, and more.

While a major portion of these job opportunities are in the private sector, there are many opportunities in the public and non-profit sectors as well.

The salaries and growth opportunities are as diverse as the types of environmental jobs. New positions are being created in response to the demand for greater control over environmental issues.

For those wishing to pursue an advanced degree, the program at Baylor also provides excellent preparation for admission to its or other schools graduate programs. Graduates of the program may also choose to pursue professional study in law, business, medicine, or the allied health professions.

Here are a number of resources available to assist you with your job search:

  • Baylor's Office of Career Services

    A study of more than 13,000 Class of 2007 grads found that students who used the career center and its resources were more likely to report job-search success than their friends who decided to go it alone.


    This site lists a variety of positions that would fit an environmental science major or graduate student.


    Here you'll find lots of job listings for openings across the country.

  • Environmental Career Descriptions

    This site lists several job descriptions for environmental jobs, which include information such as daily activities, skill requirements, salary and training required.

  • Environmental Protection Agency

    The EPA lists on this site numerous job openings.

  • Environment Jobs in Government Agencies

    At this site you'll find a variety of environmental positions with numerous government agencies.