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Internship Form

Supervisor Evaluation of Intern

Please Return To:
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To the student please fill out the following information:

Name of student: _______________________________________________________

Dates of internship: _____________________________________________________

Organization and location of internship: _____________________________________

To the supervisor please comment on the following:

Attention to the job:

1. Did the student arrive at work on time and work the required hours?

2. Did the student fully apply herself/himself to the job? How much effort did the student make to complete assigned task in a timely manner?

3. Did the student comply with safety procedures and other workplace policies, such as dress codes and equipment maintenance procedures?

Cooperation and relationships:

4. Did the student make an effort to cooperate with other employees at the work location? If applicable, was the student polite and professional when interacting with clients, customers or the public?

5. Did the student follow instructions and cooperate with his/her supervisors?

6. Did the student contribute positively to the social and team environment of your organization?

Quality of work:

7. Was the student's work of adequate professional quality? Please indicate if the work was exceptional, or conversely, below standards.

8. If the student prepared written documents or reports, was the student's written work of adequate quality in terms of content, sophistication, style and clarity?

9. If the student performed scientific analyses or data collection, was the work adequately precise, accurate and of adequate quality and quantity?

10. If the student conducted sampling or monitoring, did the student have an adequate knowledge of appropriate techniques and methodologies, and were these properly applied to assigned tasks?

Professional growth and maturity:

11. Did the student demonstrate useful professional skills and preparation on the job?

12. Did the student make a serious effort to improve her or his performance through out the internship experience?

13. Was the student able to work independently and solve the problems he/she encountered in the work environment?

14. Would you be willing to hire this student in an open position or to offer this student a full time position, if a job were available?

15. How could this student improve in terms of professional skills and applications?

16. Describe the student's strengths and weakness in completing the internship. What does the student do well? What does the student need to correct or improve? Include any observations that might be useful to the student's professional development.

17. What grade would you recommend for the student (the final decision will be made by the Professor of Record):

Proposed grade ___________?

"A" Superior performance including creativity and initiative beyond requirements; outstanding quality projects or completion of assigned tasks.

"B+" Good performance. Meets expectations consistently and evidences personal initiative; making good progress in development of competency

"B" Meets expectations consistently and evidences some initiative; some growth.

"C+" Meets expectations. Performs to the level of his/her ability.

"C" Meets minimal expectations. Has difficulties with some assigned projects or with professional relationships.

"D" Performance is unacceptable and is below the level of ability; or the student violates regulations or work requirements or does not complete assigned tasks.

"F" Failed to meet minimum expectations or did not complete employment

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