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An internship is an opportunity for you to relate classroom learning to practice. It allows you to work in a career-related field or professional environment and provides valuable experience that helps secure future employment.

You may select internships from a diversity of fields, such as environmental planning, water management, sustainable agriculture, environmental compliance, environmental education, and wildlife management. Students have had success finding internships on their own or through faculty members. Internships can be taken for course credit during the fall, spring, or summer terms.

The Department of Environmental Science provides the following two courses for internship seeking students:

ENV 4394 Internship in Environmental Education

Participation as a teaching intern in the Baylor Econnections program for Waco schools or in an approved off-campus program. Students must engage in preparation and teaching a minimum of six hours per week.

ENV 4V93 Internship in Environmental Planning or Management

An internship with the City of Waco, a federal or state agency, Christian or non-profit organization or with industry to acquire practical experience in environmental planning or management. The course may be repeated for up to three semester hours of credit.

Students should contact a faculty member of the department to learn more about the opportunity of an internship. List of Faculty for the department.

Internship Handbook may be downloaded from this site:

Undergraduate Internship Handbook and Forms