Faithful Deliberation

Rhetorical Invention, Evangelicalism, and #MeToo Reckonings
A Book Cover

TJ Geiger II, Assistant Professor of English

Faithful Deliberation uses theological-rhetorical case studies to consider how figures such as Beth Moore, Jen Hatmaker, Rachael Denhollander, Karen Swallow Prior, and others engaged in rhetorical invention. Each case study juxtaposes differing approaches to contending with rape, domestic violence, sexual abuse, and other traumas; each contrasts an approach based on appeals to highly circumscribed understandings of grace, purity, and other denomination-specific traditions and values with approaches rooted in those same traditions and values, but with an eye toward community transformation, healing through justice, and reinvigorated forms of forgiveness. The book argues that such faithful deliberation involves practices of thinking, reflecting, storytelling, and acting within a relatively tightly bounded community that might foster change through a recommitment to core values.

“I find Geiger’s argument fresh, important, and compelling. There is, to my knowledge, no other work out there that does what the author is doing—analyzing evangelical women’s rhetoric on their own terms. Really, it’s a phenomenal work."
—Jeff Ringer, author of Vernacular Christian Rhetoric and Civil Discourse: The Religious Creativity of Evangelical Student Writers

“I find Faithful Deliberation timely, and the angles the author takes on the subjects therein unique and compelling. The author effectively analyzes the rhetorics of women figures like Denhollander and Moore, making clear their rhetorical significance.”
—Jessica Enoch, author of Domestic Occupations: Spatial Rhetorics and Women’s Work

Alabama University Press, 2022 ISBN 9780817321208