Students with Disabilities

The UWC is dedicated to working with writers of varying ability, experience, and writing style. We are committed to ensuring that students with disabilities have access to our services. We work closely with the Office of Learning Accommodation (OALA) so that students with disabilities can receive appropriate accommodations for all types of tutoring sessions. If you have a documented disability that may require reasonable accommodation in the UWC, please indicate specific accommodation requests in your appointment intake form. 

We offer the following accommodations in order to better meet the needs of writers with physical, cognitive, sensory, developmental, and learning disabilities: 

  • WCOnline for appointment scheduling and online appointments. This online interface is compatible with major accessibility software, including most screen-readers. For those using screenreaders, we recommend accessing the text-only and mobile site as it was designed with a focus on screen-reading software and keyboard navigation.
  • Longer or shorter sessions, depending on needs.
  • More than two appointments in a week, if needed.
  • Two private consultation rooms that provide privacy and noise reduction.
  • Synchronous online video conferences with audio, video, or written chat box options. 
  • Asynchronous online eTutoring (i.e., written feedback) appointments for drafted papers. For people needing reduced distraction, these appointments are ideal as they do not occur simultaneously with the appointment time. Rather, tutors independently peer-review completed papers and send their comments back to the client following the end of the appointment time.

To contact us about the accommodations we currently offer or to provide feedback for improving accessibility, please send us an email or call us at (254)710-4849.