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Update for Faculty
March 19, 2020

Dear Faculty:

As the Baylor community works together to transition to online instruction, we at the University Writing Center (UWC) would like to make you aware of the services we have available to support you and your students. Our online tutoring services have been established and flourishing for several years, and we are prepared to continue serving as a remote resource for Baylor writers for the rest of this semester.

At the UWC, we offer tutoring services to all members of the Baylor community free of charge. Our consultants—a diverse staff of Graduate Consultants from the English Department and Undergraduate Consultants from disciplines across the University—are trained to provide assistance on any writing project at any stage of the writing process:

  • We are qualified readers of print-based, digital, and multimodal compositions.
  • We consult over class assignments as well as outside writing such as personal statements, job applications, and cover letters.
  • We help with issues particular to multilingual (ESL/ELL) writers.
  • Most importantly, we tailor our support to meet each writer’s individual needs. Our goal in tutoring sessions is to help writers become better drafters, reviewers, and editors of their own work.

If your online courses this semester include any writing components, we encourage you to make your students aware of our online tutoring services by directing them to our website: baylor.edu/uwc. In particular, feel free to share with them the following information about our two types of online appointments:

  1. Synchronous online consultations that take place in real time with both tutor and writer present via our appointment website, baylor.mywconline.com. Both parties are able to view the writer’s work on-screen and can communicate through audio/video or chat.
  2. Asynchronous consultations, or eTutoring consultations, that do not take place in real time but allow writers to upload their work (and the relevant prompt or instructions, if applicable), list out their concerns, and receive electronic written feedback from a consultant within 48 hours of the appointment slot. These appointments can also be scheduled through our appointment website.

More information about both types of online appointments can be found on our Online Consultations webpage.

The UWC considers writing to be an indispensable part of the intellectual life of the university, even in this season of modified assignments and shifting expectations. We hope you and your students will come to view us as a resource devoted to the one-on-one learning experiences and human connections that are so often lacking in online instruction. Thank you for allowing us to support and supplement writing instruction in the Baylor community!

If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at uwc@baylor.edu.