The Courage to See

Daily Inspiration from Great Literature

Greg Garrett, Professor of English

and Sabrina Fountain

Book lovers know there is something sacred in the stories, poetry, and insight of even the most secular books. This 365-day devotional celebrates the beauty of literature and its ability to illuminate elements of the Divine, present all around us.

Pairing excerpts from literary works with thought-provoking Scriptures and brief prayers, this spiritual guide invites readers to draw closer to God through the words of both classic and modern authors.

Featuring inspiring words from 200+ authors, including: Maya Angelou, Jane Austen, James Baldwin, Wendell Berry, Willa Cather, Annie Dillard, George Eliot, Robert Frost, C. S. Lewis, Federico Garcia Lorca, Haruki Murakami, J. K. Rowling, Mary Shelley, and Zadie Smith.

Westminster John Knox Press, 2019

ISBN 9780664263089