What We Offer

We offer three types of tutoring sessions for writers: in-person tutoring, video conferencing, and eTutoring. To learn more about each type of session we offer and how tutors can help you with your writing process, read below or click the corresponding links in the navigation bar.

In-Person Tutoring

If you make an in-person appointment, you will meet with your consultant in the UWC's physical location in Moody Library during the time you’ve reserved. You’ll have up to 50 minutes to work with your tutor to discuss any parts of your writing or writing process. This is the most common choice for our clients, and we find that discussing your writing and ideas in person is the best way to improve as a writer.

To read more about in-person tutoring, visit the In-Person Tutoring page.

Video Conferencing

If you make a video conferencing appointment, you’ll meet with your tutor via the online scheduler or Zoom. This is a great choice for writers who want to meet face-to-face, but can’t physically make it to the UWC.

To read more about video conferencing tutoring, visit the Video Conferences page.


If you make an eTutoring appointment, you’ll upload a copy of your writing to the online scheduling system ( for a tutor to review. A tutor will read your writing and send you a feedback letter within 48 business hours. You don’t actually have to be present for the session, which makes this a great choice for writers who have busy schedules.

To read more about etutoring, visit the eTutoring page.