Dr. Nicole Kenley

Dr. Nicole Kenley
Lecturer, Director of First-Year Writing
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Director of First-Year Writing


Contemporary American Literature
Detective Fiction
Gender Studies


Carroll Science, room G04A
(254) 710-6889


Ph.D.  University of California, Davis
M.A.  New York University
B.A.  University of California, Berkeley


  • ENG 1302: Thinking and Writing
  • ENG 1310: Writing and Academic Inquiry
  • ENG 2306: World Literature
  • ENG 2310: American Literary Cultures
  • ENG 3302: Modern English Grammar
  • ENG 3390: American Literature from Whitman


Nicole Kenley’s areas of interest are detective fiction, contemporary American fiction, gender studies, and the literature of globalization. She is currently at work on her book project, Detecting Globalization, which explores the connections between globalization, global crime, and contemporary detective fiction. As globalization and its technologies continue to erode national borders, detective fiction works to contain the ever-changing threats posed by global crime. Detecting Globalization explores these generic attempts at threat containment, bringing American and international authors together to examine the extent to which the genre can mediate the challenges posed by global crime.

Alongside Malcah Effron, Dr. Kenley is the co-editor of the Journal of Popular Culture’s special issue on space, place, and the detective narrative. In addition, her scholarship appears in the journals Mississippi Quarterly, Clues, Mean Streets, and the Canadian Review of Comparative Literature as well as the edited collections The Cambridge Companion to World Crime Fiction, The Routledge Companion to Crime Fiction, Crime Uncovered: Antihero, Teaching Crime Fiction, and Animals in Detective Fiction.