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Thank you for your interest in working at the University Writing Center!

We are glad you're here. The University Writing Center (UWC) at Baylor provides over 4,000 in-person and online consultations annually to Baylor writers. As part of Baylor's distinctive Christian mission, the UWC fosters diversity in all of its dimensions, including our hiring practices, tutoring methods, and the design of our space. Since we support writers from all backgrounds, languages, abilities, and disciplines, we are especially interested in a diverse staff in terms of race, nationality, linguistic background, age, and academic major.

Undergraduate Positions Available

We have two main positions for undergraduate students:

  • Undergraduate Writing Consultants: These are comprised of undergraduate students from across the disciplines who work as peer tutors in the UWC between 7-20 hours per week. (See below for more information.)
  • Office Assistants: We hire OAs on an ongoing basis. When we have a position available, we post it on the Baylor Student Employment page. If you are interested in being on our list of potential OAs when a position does become available, please email us at

Become an Undergraduate Consultant

If you would like to become an undergraduate writing consultant, we recommend that you:

  1. Enroll in PWR (Professional Writing and Rhetoric) 3321: Tutoring Writing. Because of the high demand to become a UGC, we strongly recommend that you enroll in this course. Priority is given to students who have taken this course, and students who take the course start at a higher starting salary than those who have not taken it. When making decisions on which undergraduate consultants to hire, these students are giving priority because they have gone through a rigorous training process that prepares them to tutor. 
    • PWR 3321 is offered in the spring of each year. It is open to students at any classification (freshman through senior) and from any major. It can serve as an upper-level elective or a required upper-level English class. Students in this course gain valuable knowledge and hands-on experience studying theories and pedagogies of tutoring writing. Students also gain valuable experience participating in field work in the University Writing Center, serving as apprentices and mentees, co-tutoring with experienced consultants, and tutoring independently.
    • We understand and are sensitive to the fact that not everyone has room in their schedule (or the opportunity) to take this course. However, this course is foundational to the work you will be doing in the UWC, and we highly encourage you to enroll if you're interested in becoming a UGC. 
  2. Sign up to be on our list of potential hires. Depending on our need, we typically put out a Call for Applications in mid-spring and conduct interviews in April for the upcoming academic year. If you are interested in receiving notification when the application process opens, send an email to and we will add you to the list. In your email, please let us know which position you are interested in (UGC or OA).

If you have questions, email us at

Prospective Graduate Consultants

Currently, all of our graduate consultants come from the English Department and work here as part of their assistantship. We do not currently have the funding to hire or offer assistantships to graduate students from other disciplines. We are currently working on funding to be able to hire graduate students from across the disciplines to serve as consultants.