A variety of courses are offered at the junior- and senior-levels in Professional Writing. See the course description booklet published each semester by the English Department for more detailed descriptions, special course offerings, and themes/topics of courses (Pick up a print copy in the English office or download the digital version from Canvas).

3000 Level Courses

3300 Technical Writing 
Emphasis on theories, principles, and practices of effective technical writing and writing in the sciences. Students will compose technical genres such as reports, proposals, memos, and documentation with an emphasis on usability, accessibility, data analysis, information design, ethics, writing style, and collaboration.

3303 Argumentative and Persuasive Writing
An advanced writing workshop that that focuses on the analysis and production of texts written for specific rhetorical situations and discourse communities. Emphasis on genre, persuasion, and rhetoric. Practice in various types of expository, narrative, persuasive, and academic writing.

3309 Creative Nonfiction
Focuses on popular nonfiction addressed to a wider audience. Students will practice creative nonfiction research methods and compose genres such as travel writing, memoir, autobiography, biography, profiles, and history.

3313 Literacy Studies
Examines histories, theories, and practices of literacy in relation to questions of ideology, education, schooling, identity, social class, technology, and/or composition.

3316 Women’s Writing and Rhetoric
Examines the ways women use language to persuade in both public and private spheres in both historical and contemporary periods, with special attention to both traditional rhetorical genres (speeches, letters, sermons, editorials) and nontraditional texts (quilts, recipe books, blogs).

3317 Rhetoric of Race 
Exploration of rhetoric, writing, literacy, and culture in relation to race and other related issues, such as class, identity, gender, politics, and culture.

3318 Professional and Workplace Writing 
Study and practice of professional writing in workplace contexts, with attention to audience adaptation, project management, collaboration, work with clients, professionalization, and style. Students will compose a range of workplace writings (i.e., letters, proposals, reports, web documents, design documents) and create application materials for career positions or graduate study. Culminates in a digital portfolio. Required of all PWR majors.

3326 Studies in Public and Civic Writing
Examines the role of writing and rhetoric in shaping, mobilizing, and changing the public’s thinking on contemporary controversial issues. Focus on both historical and contemporary debates.

3385 Special Topics in Writing Workshop (repeatable)
A writing workshop centered on a particular topic. Students practice writing genres that are related to the course theme. Topics may include food writing or travel writing. Repeatable for a maximum of 6 credits with permission of department.


4000 Level Courses

4309 Research in Writing and Rhetoric
Students will learn and apply key concepts, theories, and methods used to produce scholarship in the field of rhetoric and writing. Students will complete a major research project using writing studies research methodologies, such as empirical, archival, case-study, ethnographic, digital, qualitative, quantitative, and text and discourse analysis. Required of all PWR majors.

4311 Writing for Social Change
Emphasizes practical skills necessary for effective civic, public, or advocacy writing. Students use writing and related media to explore, analyze and advocate on issues of public concern with opportunities for students to create texts and campaigns.

4318 Spiritual Writing 
A writing workshop that provides experience writing from and critically analyzing spiritual perspectives. Students compose in a range of genres (creeds, spiritual autobiographies, and analyses of religious texts) in order to explore spiritual questions, religious experiences, and rhetorical concerns.

4321 New Media Writing and Rhetoric
A workshop course designed to develop skills in composing in multiple modes and media for different audiences, purposes, and situations. Students will analyze and compose a range of multimodal texts that integrate words, images, and sounds, such as digital stories, websites, video essays, audio compositions, scrapbooks, and posters.

4323 Style and Editing 
Introduces students to the practice of editing texts intended for publication. Students will engage in extensive editing practice on a range of print and online texts from professional, business, academic, and non-profit contexts. Course stresses grammar, style, document design, and project management.

4375 Special Topics Lecture in Writing and Rhetoric
Close study of a topic in writing, rhetoric, literacy, or a related field. Topic announced each semester. Repeatable for a maximum of 6 credits with permission of department.

4377 Writing Internship
An internship to provide students in the PWR program supervised writing experience in a business or professional setting. Required of all PWR majors.