Graduate Certificate in Literature and Religion

Graduate Certificate in Literature and Religion

The Baylor English Department has long held significant strengths in the study of literature and religion, particularly in, but not limited to, Christianity.  This new certificate reflects that strength and complements our Ph.D. in English -- it is not a separate degree, and it does not appear on the transcript. You may list the certificate on your C.V.

Specific Course Requirements

There are a total of 11 courses required: 10 seminars in English, and 1 Religion seminar taught in the Religion Dept.

The English Seminar requirements are as follows:

  • Introduction to Graduate Studies (Research Methods and Bibliography)
  • One course in Old English
  • One course in either Literary Theory, Linguistics, or Rhetoric & Composition
  • Seven seminars in literature
    • At least one course from each of the following categories
      • English I (Old English to Restoration and 18th Century)
      • English II (Romantic to Contemporary British)
      • American I (pre-1900)
      • American II (1900 to Contemporary American)
    • At least one of the seven seminars must include a "demonstrable component of religion:" e.g., "English Religious Authors"
  • One "Religion and Literature" seminar


Doctoral Preliminary Examinations
  • Thee-hour exam in one "major area" -- (Common "major areas" are Old English, Middle English, Renaissance, Seventeenth Century, Restoration and Eighteenth Century, Romantic, Victorian, Modern British, Contemporary British, Early American, Nineteenth Century American, Modern American, Contemporary American)
  • Two 90-minute exams in historical areas
    • One must be contiguous with the major area
    • One other historical area of choice
  • Three-hour exam in Literature and Religion (replaces "Open Area" exam)


***For all other requirements, see the degree requirements for PhD program.